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Blog - Cancer Pandemic / Tobacco Epidemic

In this era of covid-19 suddenly we are living in new kind of world all together for last one and half year so.

Our old ways of doing things like business, travel, school and colleges even social interaction.. all things are suddenly changed.

May be we are becoming now wiser and more cautious. We are seeing our health and our life as treasure now and we have started to prioritize our health.

To take positive out of this pandemic is that we all started to value our own life and that of our beloved ones.

But other realization has to be occurred that we are not facing only covid-19 pandemic. we are facing more dangerous and deadly pandemic for last so many years that is CANCER PANDEMIC/TOBACCO EPIDEMIC in India.

But realization of this fact costs India more than three lakh death in India due to covid-19 may be more than that.

Now we are trying to maintain social distance. We maintain good hygiene. We are wearing masks regularly and properly. We all have understood the value of Vaccination as primary prevention. If I say it has changed attitude of all of us that we all become more vigilant.

Just to highlight its severity last year in India Total 14 lakhs case of cancer occurred and nearly 8lakhs deaths occurred due to cancer and one prediction is that if we will do nothing for that by 2025 11akhs cancer deaths will occur per year only in India.

More than half of these cancer cases and its deaths are directly or indirectly due to use of tobacco products. If we convert this fact into numbers approximately 4 lacs cancer deaths occur every year only due to tobacco which is more than total covid deaths

It is high time to realize and act against use of tobacco.

We just have to make our new standard of living norms to count and try to make our society tobacco free…

WEAR MASK REGULARLY…To avoid smoking and tobacco chewing…

Let’s not use handrub for mawa or kheni chewing….Rather HANDRUB SANITIZER REGULARLY.

KEEP SAFE SOCIAL DISTANCING….keep distance to avoid second hand smoke and also to avoid undesirable company…