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Oral Cancer Surgery including Tongue Compartment Surgery
Laryngeal Surgery including transoral laser surgery
Senology including breast Oncoplastic Surgery
Thoracic Oncology including Esophagus & Lung cancer Surgeries
Gynae Oncology
Gastrointestinal Oncology

Meet Our Doctors

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    Dr. Shamsuddin J. Virani
    DNB Surgical Oncology,
    (Consulting Oncosurgeon)

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    Dr. Bijal S. Virani
    M.D. Anaesthesiology,
    Fellowship in pain & Palliative care,
    (Pain & Palliative care consultant & Anaesthesiologist)



In this era of covid-19 suddenly we are living in new kind of world all together for last one and half year so.

Our old ways of doing things like business, travel, school and colleges even social interaction.. all things are suddenly changed.

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